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小洞不補大洞?�苦 小洞不补大洞?�苦 [xiao3 dong4 bu4 bu3 da4 dong4 chi1 ku3] /A small gap not plugged will make you put up with an enormous gap (idiom): a stitch in time saves 9/ keV Vitality, a approach often called Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just five% of fusible hydrogen, it could suffice to elucidate how stars received their Vitality. (We now know that a lot of 'everyday' stars contain far more than 5% hydrogen)|Being an Electricity resource, the program is the only real fusion electrical power technique which could be demonstrated to work working with present technology. Nonetheless it will also need a large, steady provide of nuclear bombs, generating the economics of this kind of procedure rather questionable.|Analysis into building managed thermonuclear fusion for civil uses commenced in earnest in the 1950s, and it continues to at the present time.|The sole other acknowledged plausible supply of Electricity was conversion of subject to Electricity; Einstein experienced revealed some decades before that a little degree of make any difference was equivalent to a large amount of energy.|履約 履约 [lu:3 yue1] /to help keep an guarantee/to help keep an appointment/to honor an arrangement/to exercise overall economy/}

It will take considerable Electricity to force nuclei to fuse, even People from the lightest factor, hydrogen. When accelerated to high adequate speeds, nuclei can triumph over this electrostatic repulsion and brought near enough this sort of which the desirable nuclear pressure is greater compared to repulsive Coulomb drive. The strong pressure grows fast after the nuclei are near plenty of, and also the fusing nucleons can primarily "slide" into each other and result's fusion and net Vitality manufactured.

As a result, even if the final Strength condition is decreased, You will find there's large energy barrier that need to 1st be prevail over. It is actually called the Coulomb barrier.

This is also the temperature at which the worth on the triple solution nT? needed for ignition can be a bare minimum, because that needed benefit is inversely proportional to /T2 (see Lawson criterion). (A plasma is "ignited" If your fusion reactions make ample electrical power to maintain the temperature without the need of exterior heating.) This ideal temperature and the value of /T2 at that temperature is specified for your number of of these reactions in the subsequent desk.

嫌肥?�瘦 嫌肥?�瘦 [xian2 fei2 tiao1 shou4] /to pick sth around another to more info fit one particular's have convenience/

妥貼 妥贴 [tuo3 tie1] /effectively/satisfactorily/firmly/incredibly fitting/appropriate/appropriate/being in good purchase/also published 妥帖/

The fusion of nuclei within a star, ranging from its First hydrogen and helium abundance, presents that energy and synthesizes new nuclei as being check here a byproduct in the fusion approach. Unique response chains are here associated, depending on the mass from the star (and get more info for that reason the tension and temperature in its Main).

Research check here into making use of fusion for that creation of electricity is pursued for more than sixty decades. Effective accomplishment of controlled fusion continues to be stymied by scientific and technological problems; Even so, vital progress is manufactured.

�?�?[nong4] /to perform/to handle/to handle/to play with/to idiot with/to mess with/to repair/to toy with/}

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